Comprehensive Car Insurance  1 - 28 days Instane Quote &  Best Price Guarantee

  • Drivers aged 19 -75
  • Insure someone else on your car
  • Insure yourself on a different car

Car Insurance For a Day & Fully Comprehensive? - Yes and Instant Quotes 

Key Coverage Points

  • Comprehensive Car and Van Insurance.
  • Insure yourself on a different car for one day.
  • Documentation Available Online.
  •  2nd Driver Cover Available.

What's Covered in Daily Car Insurance?

  • Damage of the insured vehicle if in an accident.
  • Damage including loss by malicious damage, fire, theft, attempted theft and vandalism.
  • Maximum 20 Million cover for loss or damage to other peoples property.
  • Legal obligations to third party.
  • Emergency treatment fees.

Car Insurance for one Day

Need car insurance for a day? We can provide you with a comprehensive quote that comes with a best price guarantee. How? Simply select Quick Quote and within minutes you will have an option to booking car insurance for  one day online and instantly receive the policy documentation which will also be stored online for your convenience.

Multipurpose : Need to add additional drivers to your policy ?

  • Off on a long journey and wish to share the driving with another member of the party.
  • You may wish to borrow  a car from a friend or member of the family for a weekend trip.
  • Thinking of buying a new car and need to arrange cover for 1 day only?

If you don’t want to add them permanently on to your existing  insurance policy simply insure them for a  day by taking out a new temporary policy which also has the added advantage of not effecting your no claims history.

Comprehensive Car Insurance For a Day  &  Best Price Guarantee

  • Drivers aged 19 -75
  • Insure someone else on your car
  • Insure yourself on a different car

Daily Car Cover 

Need car cover on a daily basis? We can offer fast and cheap online quotes for 1 day car insurance. How? Simply select the Quick Quote and complete a simple online inquiry form, no personal details needed.

Daily Van Cover 

Great rates on 1 day van insurance . We can offer competitive quotes on daily van insurance ranging from 1 day to 28 days.  

One Month Van Insurance

When you only need van insurance for a month it pays to compare the market. We can offer One Month van insurance at competitive prices helping keeping you on the road. 

Monthly Car Cover

Do you need monthly car insurance or 6 monthly cover? We can provide auto cover for any duration from 1 to 31 days, helping keeping you and your family on the road.

Weekly Car Cover

 For Weekly car Insurance, complete 1 simple online inquiry and within minutes you will receive multiple quotes with the option to proceed to an online purchase. All documents will be made available online. 

Temporary Van Insurance 

Need temporary van insurance ? Great rates on temp private and business van cover We can offer competitive quotes on temporary van insurance with easy online booking and documents provided online.  

Comprehensive Car Insurance  1 - 28 days Instane Quote &  Best Price Guarantee

  • Drivers aged 19 -75
  • Insure someone else on your car
  • Insure yourself on a different car

How Do I Get my Insurance Documents ?

No more snail post a simple link  will be sent to enable you to access all your online documentation for your daily car insurance. This will be sent immediately after the purchase of the insurance. These can then be downloaded and printed off if wish. Although not mandatory to have a hard copy it does ease any process if you do have a copy in the car should an incident occur.  The police have also kept up with the digital age and are able to access your policy details directly from the motor insurance database.  However, we still advise carrying a cover note for the first few days or week in case it is required.

Day Insurance Grows in Demand Across The UK and Ireland

Short term or daily insurance covers so many requirements that crop up in today's hectic lifestyle for example maybe you are intending to borrow a friends car for a few days. Ready to make that next or first car purchase and require "drive-away cover". Maybe you are planning a road trip and would like to share the burden of driving with another member of the holiday party. These are only a few of the many reasons this type of cover is in high demand and  remember we can even provide cover  for up to 2 drivers on a short term basis.  The process of booking the cover has been streamlined into 3 steps 1 Quote 2 Pay  3 Print and GO 

Temp cover policies can now be provided for  most types of cars and vans.  The period of cover can vary from 1 to 28 days and cover is comprehensive. We can provide best price guarantee quotes for drivers  aged 17-75 ( under 25 and over 75 is also available ). Have you penalty points on your licence? We can still help as in addition we can offer cover for drivers that are still learning and don't yet have a full drivers licence 

Advantages of daily insurance

Are you looking for an insurance cover that gives you protection for just one day? You can purchase  daily cover to give you protection for any accidents or losses that might result if an accident were to happen.  For example, when you have borrowed your friend’s luxury for a wedding, you have the responsibility of returning the car safely to your friend. Take responsibility and insure yourself thus not affecting your friends history of no claims should an accident occur during the period that you have borrowed the car. Daily car insurance is a growing market and whilst some other brokers do offer car insurance for a day or more we are also able to offer a best price guarantee with all car and van policies.  

Car Insurance for 1 Day Can be Purchased Online at Short Notice

With a 1 day car insurance policies now available online you can get instant quotes and be covered for the same day giving you great flexibility in planning or deciding to take out a policy if an emergency situation arises that requires additional cover to drive another car for a short term only. Emergencies can and do happen at anytime and  the ability to take out daily car insurance will work in your favour in such circumstances. You can get cover against the usual incidents/accidents that you look for in a regular insurance policy, in this daily plan as well. You can get one day car cover  against third party claims,  fire and theft plus cover to you and your vehicle when you take out a 1 day auto insurance policy as these policies are by default fully comprehensive.

We use this service on a regular basis with the best price guarantee.

Judy Green

What Customer are Saying

It so easy you can get cover in minutes if you have all your car information details!

Jill Cooper

If you just need temporary cover for a borrowed van or car this is the service for you. We use it all the time for our delivery business to cover peak periods.

Mark Jennings

Comprehensive Car Insurance  1 - 28 days Instane Quote &  Best Price Guarantee

  • Drivers aged 19 -75
  • Insure someone else on your car
  • Insure yourself on a different car
Benefits of One Day Van Insurance
A one-day van insurance policy gives you protection against damages to or by the van that you are driving, even when you are using the van only for one day. When you are moving house you may borrow a van from a friend for a day to transport your belongings from your old house to your new home. Your friend or colleague provides lends you a van to transport your stuff. You meet with an accident on the way in which the borrowed van suffers minor scratches.

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