One Day Car Insurance - Short Term Car and Van Cover

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Drivers age 19+
  • Comprehensive one day car Insurance.
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    One Day Van Insuranc
  • Short Term Cover
  • Temporary Learner Driver Insuranc
  • UK/EU/EEA Licences Accepted

What is 1 day car insurance ?

One day auto cover is exactly what it says, it will provide you with comprehensive cover for the duration of 1 day. An option is available to extend if the need arises. 

The ability to take out short term cover is helpful in many circumstances. For example you don’t want to add additional drivers permanently on to your existing policy then you can simply insure them for a day by taking out a separate temporary policy. This has one big advantage in not affecting your no claims history. Below we have listed a few of the many reasons that you may need to take advantage of this type of short term car insurance. 

  • Off on a long journey and wish to share the driving with another member of the party.
  • You may wish to borrow  a car from a friend or member of the family for a weekend trip.
  • Thinking of buying a new car and need to arrange drive away cover?
  • Need temporary cover to borrow a larger car or a van.

Who is Eligible?

  • Available for age 21 to 75
  • Must hold a  UK, EU, EEA or a Swiss driving licence 
  • Licence held for at least 12 months whilst resident in the UK

What information must I provide for one day car insurance?

  • Your license and driving history/details
  • The details of the vehicle you wish ​need insurance for and the period of cover required.

Can I get temporary car cover for more than 1 day?

Whilst one day car insurance is the most sought after type of temporary insurance, cover  can be provided for more than one day or more than one week. Below we have highlighted the main insurance request types that are popular.

  • For weekly car Insurance, complete 1 simple online inquiry and within minutes you will receive multiple quotes with the option to proceed to an online purchase. All documents will be made available online. 
  • When you only need van insurance for a month it pays to compare the market. We can offer one month van cover at competitive prices helping keeping you on the road. 

How do I get my car insurance documents ?

A link will be sent to enable you to access all your online documentation for your temporary insurance. This will be sent directly after the purchase completion. Your documents can then be downloaded and printed off if you wish. Although not mandatory to have a hard copy it may be of help expedite matters if an accident does happen.  The police have also kept up with the digital age and are able to access your policy details directly from the motor insurance database.  However, we still advise carrying a cover note for the first few days or week in case it is required.

Steps to getting one day car insurance 

Temporary cover is convenient and versatile for today's busy lifestyle, for example maybe you are intending to borrow a friends motorcar for a few days. Ready to make a new automobile purchase and need "drive-away cover". Maybe you are planning a road trip and would like to share the driving with another member of the holiday party. These a few of the many reasons this type of cover is in high demand and  remember we can even provide cover  for up to 2 drivers on a short term basis.  The process of booking the cover has been streamlined into 3 steps as below.

  • Get Quote
  • Pay
  • Print and Go

Day Insurance Grows in Demand Across The UK and Ireland

Temporary insurance policies can now be provided for both cars and vans. The period of cover can vary from 1 to 28 days and the cover provided is fully comprehensive. In addition we can provide quotes for drivers  aged 17-75 ( under 25 and over 75 is also available ) with a best price guarantee. We can also provide quotes  for drivers with penalty points. Recently we have added an insurance option for learner drivers. Read more about temporary learner driver insurance options. 

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