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May 28, 2017

Dashboard Camera and Daily Insurance Claims

Dashboard Cam Insurance Scams

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Don't be a Victim of an Insurance Scam Install A Dash Cam Today

Traditionally, in order to cut your daily car insurance costs, you needed to increase your excess, reduce your annual mileage, possibly add a more experienced driver to your policy or pay for it up front. (rather than making payments in instalments) Nowadays, insurance companies are increasingly willing to knock off as much as 10 to 15 per cent if you install a dash cam in your car.

These devices are now available for less than 20 quid on Amazon. It’s easy to see why about three million UK motorists already own a dash cam. Aside from immediate cost benefits, how could this little device be of use to you as a motorist?

For starters, it might be used to prove an accident was not your fault. This is especially helpful where there are no witnesses. Or if both drivers claim that they are the innocent party. Should your dash cam footage show that you weren’t at fault, you could very likely keep your no claims discount and your excess payment would be refunded. More important than anything, there’s a better than average chance that your insurance premium would not rise at renewal time.

Crash for cash

Dash cams are also popular with motorists that are worried about being caught up in a crash for cash game. This is where fraudsters deliberately cause an accident for financial gain. The camera will record footage in the run up to the accident which can show what really happened.

How does a dash cam work?

Dash cams use a car’s 12V socket for their power. They can be wired directly into the fuse box. The camera is mounted at the top of the windscreen, most often behind the rear-view mirror.

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On an unrelated note, you should also make sure your dash cam doesn’t obstruct your view as a driver. Certain jurisdictions will have specific laws regarding how much space a dash cam or GPS unit can take up in your windshield viewing area.

The dash cam is designed to begin recording when the engine is started and stop when you turn it off. You can also set the camera to operate when it detects motion when the engine is off. This requires the dash cam to be permanently powered.

Most units have a screen to play back footage, but it’s often a lot easier to just remove the SD card and play the recordings on a computer.

Dash and GPS Combined

Some dash cams are available with GPS, which will record your location and speed. This could get you into hot water if the camera shows you were exceeding the posted limit at the time of an incident. Fortunately, most cameras will allow you to turn off this feature.

While a dash cam may be able to provide information about why a crash occurred, it is in no way designed to stop the crash from happening in the first place.

Cameras don’t prevent accidents from happening, and there is currently no evidence that points to dash cams making people better drivers. So why then would a discount be given? As more and more people are using them, additional data collected may sway things in dash cam owner’s favour. Dash cam footage may very well reduce the time that’s required to settle disputes, and thus push insurance companies to offer those sweet discounts.

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December 10, 2016

Benefits of One Day Van Insurance

one day insurance

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A daily van insurance policy  gives you protection against damages to or by the van that you are driving, even when you are using the van for a short period of time. When you are moving house you may borrow a van from a friend to transport your belongings from your old house to your new home. Your friend or colleague provides lends you a van  to transport your stuff. You meet with an accident on the way in which the borrowed van suffers minor scratches. What do you do? Your logistics or friend may sue you for damages in this case and ask for a large sum as compensation for the damages and time off the road for repair. When you don’t have a proper insurance cover to support you, you will face a lot of stress in the name of financial loss, mental turmoil, loss of reputation and more. This is where, it is important to take a van insurance policy, even if you are going to use the vehicle for a short period of time. 

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Important point to remember

One day van insurance policies expire exactly at midnight or the exact second when the 24-hour period is reached. For example, when you take this policy at 10 AM on a Monday, it expires exactly at 10 AM the next day (Tuesday). You will not be covered for any accidents that even happen at 10.05AM on Tuesday. Such is the strictness with which these policies are operated by service providers. Therefore, insurance experts always recommend that it is better to take policies that for at least an additional 24-hour period so that you can use the van without any tensions or hassles.  Always make sure your are able to drive the van by checking the UK government web site here. 

Factors to consider before taking this policy

1. Requirement

One of the first questions that you need to ask yourself is if you are in real need of a one-day van insurance policy. If you are planning to use a van for a week, always go for a weekly policy than seven one-day policies, as the former works out to be cheaper than the latter. Also, check with your service provider regarding the premiums for one-day policies. Do not miss to check the internet to know if your service provider is charging you the market rate or not. There are many sites that compare one-day insurance rates of various service providers and give you the results within a matter of minutes. So, make use of technology to make wise decisions.

2. Inclusions & Exclusions

Another important question that you should ask your broker is the type of covers that is available ( it should be comprehensive ) and are there any exclusion clauses to cover provided. Do you want to cover only when your van is involved in an accident or do you want to cover when it is stolen as well? Do you want coverage for the goods that you are carrying in your van as well? These are the questions that you must consider. 

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