One Month Van Insurance

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one month Van Insurance

Can I insure my van for more than one month?

Currently we can provide one month van insurance quotes, we hope in the future to add 2,3,4, 5 and even 6 month van insurance. However, if you need to extend your cover for a further month please contact the insurance broker before the end date and request a new policy for the period of time required. This is perfect if you really don't know how long you will require the cover for.

Benefits of one monthly van Insurance

Similar to  one day car insurance, van insurance by the month provides you with flexibility in circumstances were you really do not know how long you will require cover. Taking out annual cover may result in you paying for months that you do not actually need cover for.  Another option to consider if you have your own van, but just drive it occasionally is pay as you go insurance. 

Can I add extra insurance on top of the fully comprehensive cover provided?

In addition to providing fully comprehensive van insurance for one month which pays out regardless of fault and covers both third party injury and damage to property, the following insurance options are available

  • Van breakdown cover : provides cover for call out fees and one hour's labor
  • Van excess insurance : protect your excess by taking out additional insurance.
  • Uninsured protection: provides cover if you have an uninsured loss claim  

How can I reduce the costs of monthly van insurance

The cost of one month van insurance is based on a number of factors that determine your risk profile according to statistical information and the input of an actuarial insurance expert.  In order for you to get a reduced or best quote it is imperative that you follow some or all of the guidelines below.

  • Make it difficult for the thief :  Add tracking devices, extra security devices, these should be industry approved, in addition make it obvious to the would be thief that you have a high level of security already in place
  • Increase the excess : The excess is the amount that you are liable for in the event of an insurance claim, speak with your perspective broker about increasing this amount in return for reduced monthly premium.
  • Be a good driver : What this means in actuarial terms is have a good history of driving without making insurance claims.
  • Use the internet of things to your advantage : This simply means adding additional device that monitors the driver, obviously this can work both ways, but if you are safe and responsible driver this is worth considering,
  • Reduce the size of the van : The actual van size and cost plays a big role in determining the premium that you will pay. As such if you don't need a big van it is wiser from an insurance perspective to use a smaller van as this will have a reduced premium.
  • Named Drivers : Can you work with named drivers as opposed to any driver? Naturally selecting named drivers will again bring down the cost of one month van insurance.

One Month Van Insurance

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